Web Design & Development

Everyone - yes, EVERYONE - needs an online presence. It's no longer an option. But all websites are not created equally.

The world wide web isn't a fad. It's been strong for years, and it only continues to show itself as a staple of today's digital culture. If you want to do any business of any kind - online, or otherwise - you have to have one.

There are plenty of creators, wizards, and 'one-stop' shops that promise that a site is 'easy', 'cheap', and 'fast to setup'. But, in reality, you only ever get two of these at any given point in time.

Mitch has been design / developing websites for over 10 years, and understands intimately well exactly what a brand or business needs. From a personalized, brand-fitting design to website code that will last for years to come, Mitch is the ultimate resource and partner to make your online dream a reality.

How does WordPress fit into this?

You may see a lot of talk on this site about WordPress. WordPress is Mitch's favorite content management software (CMS), and currently powers over 30% of the internet. You'll be secure in knowing that your site is in the company of many other fantastic sites with a CMS that is familiar, modular, and easy to build onto.

How can @thatmitchcanter help you with your Web Design & Development needs?

Website Consultation

We'll take some time to sit down with your brand or business to determine what exactly you need for your brand or business. We'll go through art discussions, functionality, eCommerce, content creation, and many other factors that people may forget as they build their online presence.

Website Design

Even if you have an army of coders at your disposal, it always helps to have someone that truly understands the user experience. Mitch will design your website based on your existing brand guidelines, modern design approaches, and tried-and-true interaction patterns. People won't just come to your site, they'll want to come back.

WordPress Development

Need a specific plugin to display / integrate with other websites? Need to integrate your eCommerce store with a 3rd party fulfillment center? Want to create a plugin that makes your life easier? Mitch can help you with all of those things.

Need to make some changes to your current WordPress theme? Mitch can help with that, too!

Your story is dying to be told. Are you ready?