Video Consulting & Editing

Because sometimes, words just aren't enough.

We live in a culture where even your phone can shoot raw video that would make any directory jealous. The trick, then, is knowing how to edit that masterful footage into a composition that tells your story.

Titles, transitions, cuts, music - they all come together to form a production that will serve your brand well.

How can @thatmitchcanter help you with your Video Consulting & Editing needs?


Want to create a video production? We'll sit down with you and write the masterful story from beginning to end. We'll provide a vision for the overall style, the audio choices, any text or titles that need to show on screen, and even help you with the type of shots you need to frame. Of course, you'll walk away with all the documentation you could ever ask for to take to your video production company of choice.

On-Site Shooting

Mitch's amazing network of videographers and editors can stop by your brand or business to ensure you get exactly the footage you need. Want to shoot some b-roll for a website background? Need to make a new commercial for a TV spot? Or, just want something you can showcase your clients? Mitch knows all the right people.

Raw Video Editing

You shoot the video, we provide the editing! Mitch, or one of his amazing network of video editors, can take your footage and splice it together into a masterful work of art.

Your story is dying to be told. Are you ready?