Podcast Consulting & Editing

Podcasting is in a new renaissance, and is the best way to be recognized as a thought leader in any niche.

Starting a podcast is a fun, modern way to showcase your knowledge. From interview podcasts, to the new 'true crime drama', there's no better way to deliver your content in a passive way.  Wait, passive? What does that mean? It means that your content is consumed while doing other things.

People listen to podcasts while exercising, commuting, working, and in their spare time. Make sure you're in their earbuds, and build your reputation as a knowledgeable expert.

How can @thatmitchcanter help you with your Podcast Consulting needs?

Podcast Audit

We'll sit down and 'chat' about the who, what, and why of your podcast. Who's your audience? What do you want to speak about? And why do you feel like a podcast is the best way to deliver that content? You'll come out of our discussion with full documentation on the next steps, the gear to purchase, and what you need to do to make your podcast truly succeed.

Education + Training

Not quite sure if a podcast is the way to go? Mitch can give a few hour (or day long, if needed) workshop on the ins-and-outs of Podcasting. We'll cover equipment, methodology, and how to actually set up a podcast step-by-step. And, if you discover you're ready to go, we can even get the basics started while we meet!

Day-to-day Podcast Operations

Not everyone has the talent or manpower to properly mix-down a podcast. From setting the audio levels to ensuring that all of the 'ums' and 'ahs' are removed, Mitch - or someone from his talented network of audio engineers - can take over the manual labor of getting your podcast off the ground. You do the recording, we do the polish!