Content Strategy

There's so much more to content than writing.

Anyone can, with enough time, write content. But let's face it - you already don't have enough time. You have a brand to run, a business to make succeed. You don't have time to sit down and reinvent the works of Shakespeare.

It's one thing for a marketing company to say, "you have to produce content". It's quite another for it to actually be produced.

How can @thatmitchcanter help you with your Content Strategy needs?

Content Strategy Audit

We'll sit down with your business or brand and determine the ins-and-outs of your content. Who's your audience? Who's your audience that can BUY your product? What should you be writing about? Is writing even the best content you can create (there are other options!). At the end, you'll have a clear roadmap that shows your audience, your best content bets, and the best ways to move forward.


Need a blog post written? A tutorial or how-to guide? Want to transcribe a YouTube video or Podcast? Look no further. Mitch and his highly-skilled team can ensure you get exactly what you need to make sure your content is fresh and relevant.

Editing Services

Maybe you CAN write, and if so, that's awesome - go you! But everyone needs a helping hand in the grammar, punctuation, and literary critique departments. Send us your work, and we'll make sure it's spelled right, correct in its usage of grammar, and appropriate for your audience.

Your story is dying to be told. Are you ready?