BlogWorldExpo (#bwe09) Recap 1: Customers Own Your Content

I’m finally getting around to debugging and debriefing myself regarding BlogWorldExpo.  There were so many great sessions and speakers that it’s hard to pick just one or two or a few to talk about.  Hopefully this gives me an excuse and great content to write about for a while.

I was talking to Jeremiah Owyang over email about his session (and Blog World in general), and how a lot of people really balked about the point that their customers own their content and control their brand.  I’d never heard a crowd get tense before, but you could literally hear the crowd of business PR managers and marketing people start sweating.  They’d heard it and heard it and heard it, but it took Jeremiah hitting them in the gut to really drive the point across.

But then, over email, he asked me a question I’d never thought of before:

“Imagine if your server got deleted –how would your customers rebuild your website?”

I really don’t know how to answer that, simply because it’s my website, but I wonder… how would you rebuild it?  Would it be the same as it was, or would you tear it apart and rebuild it from the ground up?  Would you want things to be the same as they are, or would a revolution be the end result?

This isn’t a rhetorical question – I am seriously asking this, because I am seriously wanting to know.  Leave your answers in the comments below, and let’s see whether my own website needs a gut check.